Sculptures have always held a special fascination for me. Consequently, I have been experimenting with creating various sculptures for some time now. Whether it's digital and animated, produced through 3D printing, casting, or traditional sculpting, I've delved into a range of techniques. Below are some of my recent creations.
Art, Sculpting, 3D Animation
abstract in VR created sculpture  by Kevin Jaeger
Digital Artisan is an animation I created for the OOH Exhibition in Oslo. The animation depicts the digital creation process of a sculpture, where the mouse cursor becomes the artist shaping and moving the sculpture. The form of the sculpture itself resembles an ancient vase, combining this aesthetic with a pixelated appearance, creating a unique fusion of classical and modern artistic styles.
For the Process Exhibition in Hamburg, I created a physical sculpture corresponding to the animation. Using 3D printing, I produced this sculpture and then hand-painted it with chalk paint to give it a cast-like appearance.
Kevin Jaeger und die Skulptur Digital Artisan
Pressure and Fragmented Relic are both sculptures and animations I designed for the Process Exhibition. Each sculpture incorporates pixels as a stylistic element. Pressure uniquely bridges the digital and physical worlds, featuring a 3D-printed sculpture, digitally designed, being deformed by a nylon rope that pre-existed the sculpture. Fragmented Relic revisits the shape of a classical ancient amphora, rendered with a heavily pixelated and glitching effect, blending traditional forms with modern digital aesthetics.
Fotografie von der Skulptur Pressure und Kevin Jaeger
Skulptur Fragmented Relic auf der Process ExhibitionFragmented Relic im AtelierSkulptur Pressure im 3D Druck
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