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// 1. General
(1) /GTC Application/: Applies exclusively to all contracts for services by "Contractor" (Art Director Kevin Jaeger) for "Client".
(2) /Client's Terms/: Deviating or conflicting terms of Client not part of contract. Contractor objects to inclusion.
(3) /Subsequent Orders/: GTC applies to subsequent orders by Client, even without express reference.

// 2. Conclusion of Contract and Scope of Services
(1) /Contract Formation/: Formed when Client accepts Contractor's written offer. Offer valid for two weeks. Contract can still be formed post validity if Contractor confirms order.
(2) /Service Scope/: Determined by individual contract product/service descriptions in offer. Open files transfer not obligatory. Changes/additional services not in original price, remunerated separately.
(3) /Third-Party Services/: Contractor can procure services on Client's behalf at their expense. Client grants necessary power of attorney.
(4) /Legal Compliance/: Contractor not responsible for admissibility under competition law or registrability/usability under trademark/other protection laws.

// 3. Copyright and Rights of Use
(1) /Copyright/: All drafts and final artwork subject to German Copyright Act.
(2) /Client's Material/: Client grants necessary rights of use to Contractor for provided materials.
(3) /Rights of Use/: Contractor grants Client necessary rights for contract purpose. Exclusive and unlimited unless stated otherwise.
(4) /Rights Condition/: Rights grant subject to full payment of agreed remuneration.
(5) /Unauthorized Use/: Client pays 100% of agreed remuneration as penalty for use not covered by granted rights.
(6) /Rights Transfer/: Requires Contractor's prior written consent.
(7) /Self-Advertising/: Contractor can use work for self-advertising and reference Client work.

// 4. Cooperation Obligations of the Client
(1) /Data Provision/: Client to provide necessary data/information/documents immediately after order placement.
(2) /Feedback and Approvals/: Client to provide feedback/approvals promptly (within 3 days) upon request. Decision-maker contact details required.
(3) /Non-Cooperation Consequences/: Non-fulfillment of cooperation obligations invalidates delivery/completion dates. Downtime costs due to Client's non-cooperation chargeable by Contractor.

// 5. Acceptance, Partial Payment and Remuneration
(1) /Acceptance Obligation/: Client to accept services within 7 days after handover. Refusal must be justified with concrete defects.
(2) /Monthly Invoicing/: For orders over one month, monthly invoicing of rendered services.
(3) /Third-Party Costs/: Full advance payment may be invoiced.
(4) /Payment Terms/: Due upon acceptance, payable in Euros within 14 days of invoicing.
(5) /Property Rights/: Drafts, templates, etc., remain Contractor's property until full payment.

// 6. Liability
(1) /Liability Limitation/: Contractor liable for intent/gross negligence. Liability for damages to life, body, health in slight negligence.
(2) /Client's Assurance/: Client responsible for legal use of provided templates. Indemnification for any third-party claims.
(3) /Client's Responsibility/: Client to check for third-party rights infringements. Indemnify Contractor for any related disputes.

// 7. Final Provisions
(1) /Verbal Agreements/: No verbal subsidiary agreements. Written form required for deviations.
(2) /Jurisdiction/: Place of jurisdiction and performance at Contractor's registered office.
(3) /Text Form Requirement/: Text form sufficient for written declarations.
(4) /Applicable Law/: Exclusive law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
(5) /Invalid Provisions/: Invalid provisions do not affect the remainder. Alternative valid provision to be agreed upon.