I had the privilege of working extensively and over a long period with Reydix, a client that has integrated me into various departments. From marketing and social media to product development, my role has been diverse and dynamic. I developed product renderings and animations, social media snippets, and comprehensive concepts focused on the gamification of their app and its structure. Additionally, I created various 3D designs used within the app, including animations for interactions and badges that app users can earn, enriching the overall user experience.
Art Direction, Concept, 3D Animation
The first project I had the opportunity to undertake with Reydix was a product animation. The task was to create something that would clearly explain the product. After attending several training sessions and meetings to understand the complexities of the product developed by Reydix, my solution was to produce a product film. This film is utilized as a landing page feature; as one scrolls through the site, the film plays, gradually revealing information about the various features of the product. The challenge was to develop a film that showcased all the relevant features without becoming overly complex or lengthy.
To elucidate the usage of the wristband, I developed two additional animations for the app. These animations are accessible within the app, and also via a QR code provided to users upon receiving their wristband.
For Reydix's social media presence, I had the privilege of producing a series of animations. The goal was to present the product in an interesting and aesthetically pleasing way, tailored specifically for the dynamics and audience of social media platforms.
In addition to the animations showcased here, I have developed several concepts deeply embedded within the Reydix app. These include interactive animations that connect 3D renderings with user interactions. As these encompass features yet to be released, I am unable to present them here at this time.
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