The Swiss agency Marty—Trezzini commissioned me to create three 3D animations for their client Più Vino. Together, we developed three distinct surreal worlds that visually represent the unique flavor profiles of their offerings. In addition to these surreal worlds, I digitized the entire Più Vino product range and created a photorealistic 3D model for each wine. These animations are utilized for digital out-of-home advertising, social media, and online presence, enhancing Più Vino's brand through engaging and imaginative visuals.
Art Direction, 3D Animation
For the creation of the photorealistic 3D models of the wine bottles, Marty—Trezzini provided me with a series of photos, along with the print data for the labels, aiding in accurately replicating the details and essence of each product.
PIÙ VINO WeinflaschePIÙ VINO WeinflaschePIÙ VINO Weinflasche
PIÙ VINO WeinflaschePIÙ VINO Weinflasche
Bringing the surreal worlds to life was an exhilarating challenge. To make them appear authentic, it was necessary to integrate a series of secondary animations. These ranged from swaying blades of grass and flamingos in the background to butterflies taking flight. There was a host of captivating elements to animate and create, adding depth and vitality to each scene.
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Più Vino
Concept & Art Direction:
Marty—Trezzini, Kevin Jaeger
3D Design & Animation:
Kevin Jaeger