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Most flowers we know originally come from different parts of the world. Each of them had to travel a long way over generations to come here. And together these flowers form a beautiful bouquet. This idea led to this collaboration with the Hamburg based clothing brand Habibi and resulted in an animation explaining the story behind the habibi ID logo.
Art Direction, Concept, 3D Animation
"28 letters misread. Countries mistreated. A whole culture, misunderstood.This is Habibi – a beautiful word in Arabic that means “Sweetheart”."
Habibi 3D Film Flower bouquet by Kevin Jaeger
Habibi 3D Film
Habibi 3D FilmHabibi 3D Film

I wanted to support Habibi for a long time, but I was missing the right concept. When I came up with the idea of the flower bouqet, I was more than excited that Habibi liked the idea as well and was thrilled to do a collaboration.
Habibi 3D Film Making-ofHabibi 3D Film Making-ofHabibi 3D Film Making-of

Following images are only concepts and no real products.The images are partially based on AI.
Habibi AI Konzepte
Habibi AI KonzepteHabibi AI KonzepteHabibi AI Konzepte
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